Friday, July 29, 2016

Dovecote Cafe

A brief metro ride to Penn North and an even quicker walk brought me to Dovecote Cafe. I almost missed it while walking as it blends so seamlessly into the rest of the historic Reservoir Hill neighborhood. The homey appeal of the cafe is paralleled by the incredibly welcoming and warm service offered as soon as you walk into the door. One of the first things you'll notice in your time here is the community vibe. It's not a place where you just come once- this is a place you go to, regularly.

My first experience with Dovecote was technically at the Whitelock Community farm stand a few Saturdays prior. I bought an incredible slice of peach upside down cake, which I ate a little more ravenously than I'm really ready to admit. 
Peep the li'l pup, Bacon, by the door. (Very interested in being his friend)
There's not exactly a written menu, but a knowledgeable friendly staff ready to make suggestions on the regular items and varying specials. A quick talk with Cole, led to this breakfast sandwich and potato combo. 

Give me a second here, I'm having meal flashbacks *wheeew*

You may hear them brag about their fresh brewed coffee more than the food, but I need y'all to get into this plate real quick. Whether to start with the fluffy scrambled eggs nestled between crunchy golden toast or the crispy potatoes was probably the most difficult decision following what to order. Besides being made fresh, the home fries didn't rely on salt for flavor; I could taste the carmelized onion with each bite. It's almost, almost, disappointing how filling this meal was because in the moment I was really inspired to order and experience more of their menu. By the way, this was under 7 bucks!
When a meal reminds me of the comforts of eating at home, it warms a lot more than my belly.

For people like me who really appreciate the minor details, I have a few notes:

1. I asked for ketchup & it came in a chilled metal container! This is actually a big deal. I always, always prefer it cold; hence I keep my ketchup in the fridge at home (fight me on this, I know someone will. I'm ready)

2. See that stack of napkins? Multiple! This is important. I have to wipe my mouth between bites as I can't enjoy my meal with the never ending fear that my face is covered in crumbs or sauce. Not only did I receive multiple, but they are pretty high quality. A lot of places give you the cheap kind that fall apart after a few wipes, but one held up through my entire meal. While one could have sufficed, I'm far more comforted mentally by the presence of more.

Without exaggerating my intentions of being a regular at this cafe, I came back the next day. This time I went for the spinach pie and an iced coffee. My javatone (a cute concept you'll discover upon your first visit!) is smidge, with almond milk. The pie was an actual pie crust, far surpassing my expectation of a phyllo situation. I could keep going on about all the reasons visiting Dovecote Cafe is a brillant idea, but I suggest you make your way over there and experience the food, service, and vibe for yourself.
Have you eaten here yet? How was your experience?

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