Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Summer's Day in South Philly

My cousin (& part time muse) and I decided to use her last day in town to make a day trip up to Philly from Baltimore. It started with a stop and guided tour at The Fabric Workshop & Museum.

There's a lot of emphasis on the work being temporary and constantly shifting. 
Ahh, btw. We were late getting back to my car by about 4 minutes, but just on time to see a ticket under the windshield wiper. Thanks, Philly,

After a bit of aimless driving we made our way to Philip's steaks for two cheese steaks with whiz, one with mayo, hot sauce, and ketchup (mine). The crusty sub roll was perfect down to the last sauce soaked bite.
Lunch was followed by a quick walk across the street to Dati's Homemade Water Ice.
I'd say the best part of our experience here was the incredibly warm service. It's got a very "I grew up down the street and used to stop here every other day vibe." Super welcoming. Inspired by one of the menu items, we asked the cashier for a suggestion on where a couple of newbies could get the best possible cannolis in town. That led us to Cafe Crema & to two original cannolis with ricotta italiana.
My standards for future cannoli consumption are incredibly high now.
Full & extremely satisfied we wandered our way through Little Italy & Little Mexico before making our tune-filled drive back to Baltimore. There's a lot of culture packed into these crowded corridors; I'm glad we could experience a taste of it.

Do you have any Philly hot spots you'd recommend?

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